UFOs and NESPs

For those not familiar with these terms, these are UnFinished Objects and Not Even Started Projects. The latter can also be called PSIH, Projects Stuck in Head.

As I am sure many readers have noticed, I haven’t been posting informational post as much as I was. This is because there are too many projects stuck in my head and floating about that coherent thought is not working its way out of my fingers well at all.


  • Numerous straw pieces
  • The very important out line someone is waiting for
  • The PITA shell sewing case 2016-03-28-17.47.16.jpg.jpeg
  • Cali’s sewing box 2016-04-03-13.32.02-1.jpg.jpeg
  • The secret velvet project
  • Cali’s time travel dress
  • Pincushion experiment cushions
  • Multiple pieces to the mega project


  • My daisy hat
  • My bandbox sewing box (Don’t even have the box)
  • The spool wagons with directions
  • Tiny wooden pincushion 2016-04-16-10.58.37-1.jpg.jpeg
  • Cali’s sewing tools
  • Additional heads (have linen, need wood and batting)
  • Clara’s hammock
  • Multiple pieces to the mega project
  • Long Regency stays
  • Mae’s necklace (need the tiny cameo setting)
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  1. Right there with you, my friend. Both UFO’s and NESP’s PSIH’s. I am excited about the cotton wagon being on your list to do someday. I have the pictures from one of the books but haven’t had much luck figuring it out. First, I need to finish knitting the miser’s purse. I am very close to having it done.

  2. Busy, busy, busy! I’m loving all of your recent millinery adventures, and very interested in these secret/mega projects! Noticed an out line on your list too and smiled 🙂 I had the chance to study a whole box of paisley shawls, miser’s purses and other period accessories. (Including a sewing box much like the one you restored) Immediately thought of you and have study pictures/measurements for you…

  3. A whole box?!?! How exciting. I can’t wait to hear.

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