Millinery in Process – Fancy Plait Soft Crown

What happens when I find an Amazing artisan crafted fancy straw plait? I make a soft crown bonnet of course.

This straw is fabulous to work with. The straw artist calls this a “batwing” plait. It is a modern name, while the design is very suitable to historic millinery. It is such a pretty color too.

Originally, I was going to make the crown and bavolet in an ivory windowpane taffeta. But, it seems I imagined that silk into my stash. Instead, I find this pretty blue and yellow plaid to compliment the straw nicely. The colors are light enough to not over power the straw.


I’ll add photos as I work. (around nursing a recovering feline assistant.) When finished, it will be available in my Etsy shop.

In the meantime, here are a few of the soft crown bonnets I previously made.

Want to know more about soft crowns? Here are a few previous posts.

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