Sit On This

Okay. I’ve been having a cranky day. Button pushed.

Please for the love of artistic lines and historic timelines, Stop Sitting on That!!!!

Stop sitting on hard to find originals!

Stop sitting on chairs 50 to 100 years out of date!

Yes, folding chairs are fabulous. They also have very particular timelines and uses. Please, take a look at the folding chair articles I’ve done over the years. (Please, do not ask me to appraise your chair.)

2016-04-12-11.11.21-1.jpg.jpegRegardless of how fabulously easy folding can be, the reality is the Vast majority of civilians did not own folding chairs during the war. When they were manufactured for civilian use, they were for parlors, nice parlors, initially.

Consider a regular chair. Regular chairs are sturdy, strong, better for you buttocks, back and knees. Turned upside down, they can carry/pack things inside the legs.

Also, keep in mind where you are interpreting. If you are in a home or shop, there are chairs appropriate for each room. Your parlor chair won’t be in your kitchen, nor will your kitchen chair be in your parlor. If you are a refugee,  out an about in, oh, say a camp, you are not going to have the best chair from your parlor or kitchen.

I am starting a PinBoard for everyday chairs that you may be able to find reasonable reproductions or revivals of.

An easy to follow furniture guide: click here.


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  1. LOVE this post!

  2. Thank you.

  3. You said it! Thank you, Anna, for saying what I was thinking!

  4. There’s always the ground if the person is outside…Seriously, folding chairs? I think my mother-in-law just rolled over in her grave. Cringing in horror.

  5. I really do love folding chairs. I find patent furniture fascinating. I have several. Okay, more than several. I can show a many decade timeline.
    It is just that they have their place.

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