“You really must see to your girl…”

Elizabeth Stewart Clark’s recent article, “Why We Blame Helen: Or, What Happens When You Improve” brings a favorite line to mind when, with a great sigh we say “Oh, Helen.”

I know. I can’t help it. My brain works that way.

Okay, I also have visions of an absent minded house-elf thanks to the fact that I am re-listening to the Harry Potter series as my drive-time audiobooks.

The reality is, Liz puts a very true phenomenon in a nice capsule, taking a personal stress many of us feel and letting it rest. In my 20s, I don’t know how many times I had finished a dress just to learn something new about construction.

Another thought Liz’s article brought to mind is what I call my “seasonal sewing syndrome.” For several months, I sew straw millinery. For several months, I sew sewing cases. Let’s just say the sewing techniques are very, very different. When I go from months of sewing with large needles and straw to fine needles on silks and cottons the stitches on the first piece is less than fabulous and ends up in the “blaaaa” box. It is like I have to remind my hands to function the way I need them to.

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  1. Absolutely LOVE your quote! Hubby and I just watched the series again over the weekend. You should definitely blame all blaa box items on the house-elf.

  2. The Firefly clip is perfect!! Oh, Helen. 😀

    I find myself in the same “switching zone” if I go from a lot of utility sewing to very fine sewing… I like to have a sample piece to fuss with and get all my fingers moving the right way again.

    Permission to relax is a grand thing!

  3. Goodness, I’m now imagining Winky sewing Scarlet-O’Hara-style pseudo-period dresses for Kaylee…and things are getting sillier by the minute.

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