Today’s Millinery

Today I have a hat with a bit of whimsy for you. I made some zigzag straw that I was going to put on the edge of a hat. But, then I had a better idea. I rather like this hat. It is available in my Etsy shop.

This straw hat is a natural pale straw with an inset zigzag accent. The zigzag straw is hand shaped by me.

This hat will fit an average to large size head. Those with average size heads may wish to add a ribbon or lining for comfort. The shallow crown is made to sit high on your head. The brim dips forward with a nice curve fashionable in the era.

The numbers you’ll want to know:
Inside the crown is 21″
Side to side – 12″
Front to back – 12″
Crown height – 2.5″ in front (shallower on the sides)
Brim depth – 3″

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  1. Anna,
    I am 60+ yrs old in present time so can’t fudge on my age much. Would this adorable hat be appropriate for someone of my age?
    Judy Jett

  2. Judy, I don’t feel I’ve looked at enough photos yet of women in their 50s and above to say. I know I’m seeing a strong enough representation in women through their 40s. I am trying to pay better attention to photos of mature women.

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