Sew Along – Purse (post 2)

Have you selected your purse? If so, please share below in the comments or in the FB group.

I selected a simple crochet long purse (aka ‘miser’ purse) that I am working in the round rather than lengthwise in rows.

Here is some of the progress I have made:

I pre-threaded the silver beads onto the blue silk thread. I figure I’ll thread the gold ones from the other end. (I hope that works)

I started with a loop with ten crochets chained on. (sorry about my less than correct crochet terms.)


I worked around and around in single crochet, increasing between each stitch. (In this case, I increase by stitching a single crochet, a chain, then a single crochet, a chain, etc. rather than what seems to technically be an increase where I would work two single crochets in a single loop. The loops simple were not big enough to to to that and that isn’t how I learned to do it as a kid. Habits are hard to break.)2016-02-07-19.44.17.jpg.jpeg

The first night I made it to the inside of my circle. These were all single crochet. Then I switched to a half-double crochet through the outside of the circle (1.5″.)2016-02-07-20.49.33.jpg.jpeg

It seems I either failed to get a photo of the 1.5″ diameter or accidentally deleted it.


Lessons learned:

  • More light is needed for working with the blue silk, especially with the very bottom when the single crochet stitches are so tight.
  • My single crochet and half crochet stitches are very tight. This is bad for the sanity. Good for keeping coins in. This can lead to funkiness.
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  1. I’m doing a knitted purse from Beeton’s Book of Needlework, in black and scarlet yarn rather than silk. Never knitted with beads before, and never seen this pattern before.Unfortunately, progress will be slow due to other stuff that needs to be done first.Thanks for doing this!

  2. I am crocheting a Pense or Jug Purse in pink size 8 crochet cotton with iridescent purple beads. I am making it up as I go using a picture of a knitted Pense/Jug Purse I found on-line.

  3. My bag is a pense/jug purse. I am crocheting it using #8 cotton in pink with purple iridescent beads. I am winging the pattern from a picture of a knitted pense/jug purse I found on-line. I so wanted to use the F silk thread but there was no possibility of seeing the stitches.

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