Finishing/Decorating A Straw Bonnet

You have your straw form from myself, Danielle, Pam, Kim or Vivian… Now you want to finish and decorate it.

Recommended Shopping List:

  • Danielle’s book from Timely Tresses: Finishing a Straw Bonnet Form
  • Cotton net to line your bavolet
  • Fine cotton or silk net (bobbinette), or silk organza or lace for your frill/cap
  • Fine cotton voile or silk taffeta to line your brim
  • 3 yards minimum of wide (silk or quality rayon) ribbon (2 yards for ties, 1 yard for bavolet, additional for decoration/bows) (silk taffeta is also an option for the bavolet.)
  • 1 yard of 3/4″-1″ wide silk or cotton sateen ribbon for ties.
  • Ribbon and laces of choice for decoration
  • Flowers and feathers of choice for decoration
  • 1/2″-3/4″ wide velvet for optional stay

Recommended Reading List:

And just in case =  Millinery Care and First Aid

(I already had an original article on Finishing a bonnet scheduled. It will be up in a couple weeks.)

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  1. Very timely. Yes I need to collect supplies and trim out my form before it gets warm. I will check out the resources!

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