Work Bags from the 1st Sew Along

Now that the final directions for the first 2016 Sew Along have been shared, photos of finished work bags are coming in. Here are just a few of the bags made in the past month and a half.


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  1. Anna, I didn’t get in on this from the beginnging. Where can I find the instructions?

  2. The Sew Along directions are all under the tag “Sew Along”. Start with week 1. There are 5 weeks.

  3. These were so much fun to make. I’ll be making a couple more. Can’t wait to see what the next stitch a long is.

  4. I haven’t been able to sew on this but am saving the directions! The finished ones here are lovely!

  5. I wasn’t able to sew, but am printing off the directions and will start mine soon!

    The finished ones shown here are beautiful!

  6. I also got sidetracked and have yet to finish mine.

  7. I missed a couple of the postings. Is there any way to go back? I’m stuck!

  8. Of course you can go back. Either click on the tag at the bottom of the post that says “sew alongs” (near the date) or search for “sew along” on the right.

  9. Here’s mine: Thank you for hosting this sew along!

  10. Wonderful! Thank you for sharing!

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