You must see this

I lack words for how much you must see this….

1746-1823 album with swatches, sketches, illustrations and notes.


***Please see Carolann’s note below in the comments about the published version of this.***


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  1. Is there a way to view more of the book than this singel page?
    or maybe I just need to use a computer instead of mobile?

  2. I don’t think so. I was looking but didn’t find a way. I wish they had it in ‘book’ mode.
    ( has other design journals in book format.)

  3. This album was published in book form by the V&A. The title of the book is “A Lady of Fashion: Barbara Johnson’s Album of Styles and Fabrics”. [London: Thames and Hudson Ltd., 1987]

    In addition to the full album of swatches, the book includes biographical information on Barbara Johnson, the family and the album, essays on Barbara Johnson and fashion by Madeleine Ginsburg, the textiles in the album by Natalie Rothstein, fashion engravings by Anne Buck, and topographical and other prints” by Jean Hamilton.

    The appendices include extensive notes on the album, essays on George Thomson, his clothing accounts, a transcription of all the accounts, notes on the accounts, a glossary and an index.

    The commentary and analysis in the book provide much more information about the album and the individuals than can be found online.

    The book is out of print. It can be accessed via interlibrary loan, and new and used copies are available from online book sellers.

  4. Thank you, very much Carolann. This is wonderful.

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