2016 Sew Alongs

After test driving the Sew Alongs in two formats with making a Work Bag and a Pin Ball, I have decided to continue them through the year. I think a couple months for each will be a comfortable pace that will not overwhelm. (sorta like the fort-nightly challenges just spread out.)


This year’s Sew Alongs will include:

  • January thru March – a Work Bag and/or Pin Ball (in progress)
  • March thru May –  Purse (That which holds coin. This can include a miser’s style purse, an embroidered purse, a sewn purse, etc. The key is this is for holding coin.)
  • May thru July – Slippers (These slippers can be of needlework, braid work, knitted, quilted, etc.)
  • July thru Sept – Apron (of any type and purpose)
  • Sept thru November -TBD Head garment for the home or shop (This can include a cap, head wrap, etc.) or A “Carry In” (A type of bag or carrying device that could include a travel bag, pocket, etc.)

Sew Alongs are open to any historical era and skill level.

House Keeping: We will continue to use this blog and Facebook for sharing and support. For those not on Facebook or those who do not blog, please comment below and feel comfortable emailing me your project results so I can post them in the blog.

Please, share your progress as you work through your projects either in the comments section for that Sew Along or in the Facebook Group. Encourage each other as we work along. Remember, we are a mix of historical eras, skill levels and with different goals. (Yes, we have an assortment of site interpreters, reenactors and theatrical costumers.) The span of the Sew Along is a guideline, not a deadline. Continue to share your progress even after a new Sew Along has begun. Do not feel there is a firm deadline. We simply are going to encourage each other to work towards completion.

Upon completion of your project, which can be any time after the Sew Along starts, please share:

  • Photos of your completed project
  • The era of your project
  • Plans for its use (if any previously in mind)
  • Inspiration and/or documentation you particularly liked or found helpful
  • Your favorite part of the project
  • A self reflective accuracy rating (if this applies) (optional)
  • Total cost of project (optional)
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  1. Great news! I am enjoying making the work bag and look forward to the rest of the year! Thank you!

  2. I am glad you are enjoying the work bag.

  3. They all sound great. Count me in. One suggestion I’ve thought of during the work bag sew along. It would be nice if at the end we had a document of instruction and maybe pictures to squirrel away for future reference. I have a stack of these from previous workshops I pull out when I want to make another one at a later date. I know the blog posts will be available, but not the easiest to refer back to.

  4. I WILL be participating in the YEAR’S Worth of Sew-a-longs. It’s a perfect way to get the “extras” sewn. =D

  5. I will be participating in ALL the Sew-a-longs all year long~it’s a perfect way to get the “extras” sewn. Thank you! Ditto the “instruction handouts” at the end of each project. =D

  6. I do like the idea of a printable instruction sheet at the end. Thank you.
    Not all of the sew alongs will be in an instructional format though. 😉

  7. Loving making the work bag and hope to do all the sew-a-longs for 2016

  8. Love all the ideas for the other sew alongs!

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