Paisley, Plaid, & Purled – Q&A

PPandP book cover

Now Available. Paisley, Plaid, & Purled: Shawls of the Mid-Nineteenth Century

Why an E-book and not a printed one? I decided to publish PP&P as an e-book because it would be easily accessible for readers. As soon as it was purchased, it was there for them. No wait. 

Going with an e-book also meant not having the additional cost of printing and shipping. A printed version would have to have been $25-30 plus shipping, which increased notably in 2016. 

Does PP&P have patterns? PP&P includes original directions for over 30 shawls, both knit and sewn. Right now, the quilted shawl particularly appeals to me. 

Does PP&P have photographs? Yes. I included over two dozen CDVs in color, several with close-ups. The great thing about an e-book as a PDF is you can zoom in too. I also included photographs of original shawls. (I really need a nice studio to take photos of more I would like to share.)

Why $15.00? It was really hard coming up with a price for Paisley, Plaid, & Purled. I wanted the book to be easily affordable. But, I also needed to cover my costs. What I ended up doing is taking the expenses I had (LOC, ISBN, original shawls, CDVs, ILLs, copies/printing, etc) and dividing by 100 (a hopeful number of books. That number became the price. This does mean that I don’t actually make any money on PP&P until after I sell 100 books. (Oh, I also realized I wasn’t very good at keeping track of the little expenses such as museum fees, materials, etc.) 

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