Miser Type Purses

While getting ready for the local, Genesee Valley Sew Along making pin balls, the topic of Miser’s Purses came up.  Thinking this might be a nice Sew Along project, I started poking around.

Lady’s magazines and needle-work books from the first half of the 19th century were filled with illustrations and directions for miser’s purses, aka crochet purses, stocking purses, ring purses, long purses (or, so I thought.) I was saving directions/image combinations and pinning away, when I came across this goodie: A Thesis on Miser’s Purses: THE UBIQUITOUS MISER’S PURSE**, by Laura L. Camerlengo 2010. Squeee! (**Link updated to go to the abstract rather than the pdf that stopped working. Click on the second file, the PDF.)

Read, read, read folks!

I couldn’t possibly touch what Laura did in information collecting for a simple Sew Along option. Here is a dabbling of the image & directions I put together before finding the thesis.

Of course, the question is…. Do we want to do this as a sew along??? (I’ll confess, I am awful at following crochet directions.)





This last one, is technically not a “miser’s purse” per the perimeters in the above thesis. It is a very interesting purse though. (I may have to try to make it.)


An example at the MFA.

Additional Directions:

Additional Reads:


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  1. I have instructions for a simple knitted one, I think. While I would love to have one, I don’t think I’d ever get it finished. I’m very slow with crocheting and even slower with knitting.

  2. Does that make it a good or bad candidate?
    My chalenge is not knowing how to read crochet directions well.

  3. Actually, I do crochet. The catch here is going to be using a very thin thread, probably a size 30 or smaller, and a small steel hook. The actual instructions are pretty easy, beginner to intermediate. I’d say the size of materials kicks it to intermediate or expert level.

  4. Thanks for sharing Laura’s research, I will read it! I flipped to the end and looked at the photos, there is one in velvet with beadwork. Maybe I could do that one, but not crochet or knit (I seem to come up with 10 thumbs when attempting…)

  5. Sounds interesting. Beginner myself.

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