Coming in 2016

Can you believe it is going to be 2016?

This coming year is bringing some great things.
~ I’ll be kicking off the year with two Sew Alongs, one public making a work bag and on private local one making pin balls.
~PPandP book cover I will also finally be releasing Paisley, Plaid & Purled: Shawls of the Mid-Nineteenth Century as an e-book. It will be exclusively available in my Etsy store.
~ I am enjoying making doll scale pieces. Expect an assortment of doll millinery.
~ In the millinery world, I am currently feeling a focus on ‘off the rack’ selections that will include highly authentic pieces and artistic pieces.
~ I will continue my big winter hood research and writing project. I hope to have some previews early this year with a better idea of when it will be available mid year.
~ I have an uber-secret project that will take a great deal of time.
~ And, given what birthday year this is, I’ll likely have some wacky mid-life crisis project or such. That could be particularly fun.

The essential projects list, in a completely random order:

  • The uber-secret project.
  • A new coat – I need a new coat. This need spans the modern world and the historic world. So, I have yet to determine what kind of coat this will be. I also have yet to determine if it will be made out of the black wool or the white wool/silk.
  • There will be lots of fun with the dolls. Some, okay a good portion of it, will be just plain fun, therefore, it will be found in the new blog “Don’t Pain the Cat.” The girls have their own trunk with fabric stash.
  • I need a couple piece of head-wear for me including a new corded sunbonnet and at least a 20’s cap.
  • I’ll be making kitten warmers for the rescue. They’ll be little warming beds and little warming pillows for the little ones found out in the cold.
  • Having two early 20s dresses, some 20s accessories are in store. Maybe a pair of long stays even though my short stays are so ridiculously comfortable. It will be nice to lessen the, um, extent of my mid-section. I definitely need a different shift/chemise and bodiced petticoat that won’t show at my neckline. That was a major pain to deal with.
  • Since this 20s fascination is in place, I may try a latter 20s dress just for the fun of it as well.
  • I need to recover at least one of the parasols this year.
  • It is possible I may finish either my embroidered shawl or my sewn rug (each started many, many years ago.)
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