Research = Brain Implosion

Um….. What?!?!?!?

You know those discoveries that turns your research on end? Or, at the very least throws a wild, unexpected kink in it?


So, I’m scrolling along…. I see… Ooo, a hood. Zoom…. Odd combination a hood and straw hats…. hmmmm…. Scroll up… read…. “Sea-side Toilet. – The little red hood, with a deep cape”… Wait, What??? …..”Sea-side Toilet. – The little red hood, with a deep cape to it is now a very fashionable style of head-gear at all the French watering-places, and it is called in France “Le cappe Bretonne.”…. Scroll down… scroll up… repeat… reread… yep, that is what it says… brain implosion!!!

The Little Red Riding Hood is in January, 1862’s Peterson’s Magazine. It is a winter garment. It really, very much is a winter garment. But, this one has nearly the same name. Though, in some ways, it looks more like The Princess Capote from May of the same year. May…. May!…. I always wondered why a winter hood was published in May.

Well there is a huge, huge snarl. I know for a fact that the Princess Capote, or a nearly the same pattern/cut, was made up as a quilted winter hood. Oh, what a tangled web… a fascinating tangled web. Twist

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