Count Down to Christmas?


It seems the romantic tv channels have announced their “Count Down to Christmas.” (Yes, I confess, I find these channels are nice when I don’t feel actively functional on the weekends.) I did say I would focus on gifty goodies for the shop in November. But, what shall those gifties be?
Whether you are looking for the perfect gift or adding something to your wish list, what would you like to see in my Etsy shop this year?
~ Sewing boxes?
~ Sewing boxes with more inside?
~ Work pockets?
~ Gift boxes?
~ Needle-books?
~ Simple pin cushions?
~ Fancier pin cushions? Shells? Baskets? Walnuts? Pin balls?
~ Ornaments?
~ Doll items?
~ Winter bonnets?
~ Something else?

Published in: on October 25, 2015 at 7:47 pm  Comments (2)  

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  1. Both styles of sewing boxes, gift boxes, needle books, and pincushions would be on my wish list.

  2. not very helpful, but anything from Miss Anna would be on my wish list 😀

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