Sew Alongs

Shortly after the new year, I am going to try something new… A Sew Along!

The idea for a sew along came to me in September. I knew a few people were interested in making one of the work bags I enjoy using. But, with so many of us scattered across the states and winter closing in, getting together simply is not as practical as we would like. Thus, an online sew along.

There are some huge advantages to doing a sew along online:

  • Like I mentioned – No winter travel needed.
  • We can sew at our own pace.
  • We get online support from each other.

wpid-img_63451399129667.jpegFor our Sew Along, we will be making a Work Bag in the style of the cotton work bag in the Winterthur Collection. I’ll post the materials list in December so everyone has time to shop. Our Sew Along will begin on Sunday, January 3rd with the first set of directions going live on my blog. Directions will follow weekly, hopefully giving everyone a comfortable amount of time to sew during the week. All of the directions will be here on the blog. We will also have a private FB group for sharing and support for those interested in FB.

A little later in the month, I’ll be starting a local Sew Along as well. This will be a slightly different Sew Along as it will be locked. It lets me see how that format works out.

Wonder why?


If the Sew Alongs go well and are liked, I have a couple more in mind. One is for making Pockets which would let a wide spectrum of eras participate. The other is for Slippers, which also would give us some variety in eras and techniques.

Confession time…. I am not so secretly hoping some of you who participate and are local will enter your projects in next year’s Agricultural Society Fair at GCV. I was so sad to see the lower entry numbers this year. I would really like to see the tables and room filled with pretty work.

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  1. I’m not local, so I can’t enter the Fair, but I’m in for the sew alongs.

  2. I’d be interested in a sew along too. Like Jackie, I’m not local so no fair entries for me either, but it would be something different for me to try.

  3. I’m not local either but very keen to try a sew along to improve my skills.

  4. I would love to join the sew along and make the work bag, or anything else! Sounds like fun and starting after the new year is a great time.

  5. I’d like to participate. I’m not local, so no fair entries, but these projects look like fun and something new to learn.

  6. Count me in…..not for the fair though.

  7. I’m very interested, too, but live on the opposite side of the country, so no fair (unfortunately).

  8. I would like to Sew-Along! (I’m in Northern California so I can’t participate in the Agricultural Event, sorry.)

  9. Sounds like great fun, no entry for me either, live in Nebraska.

  10. I want to participate in the Sew-Along, too. Once a week is a good time line. I would like to make a silk bag.

  11. I would be very interested in the work bag sew-along but I am in the same situation as most here…live in South Carolina so as much as I would love to participate in the fair, a bit too far.

  12. I am interested in participating in the sew-along. I live too far enter in the fair, but would be willing to mail my completed item to be displayed if that is possible.

  13. How do I get a password for the sewalong?

  14. This sew along is for a small local group. The public sew along will have separate posts without a password. I was trying to find a way to keep the closed group only visible for those in the group. This was the best I could find with the revamping WordPress is doing.

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