Agricultural Society Fair – Part 4 – Favorites

IMG_7960My favorites from this year’s Ag. Fair…. Let me first say I was both pleased and saddened by this year’s entries. There was some absolutely amazing work, I mean AMAZING. But, at the same time, there were far, far fewer entries. I remember when I was little that the meeting center and tents were filled, really filled. Then I remember when it was the whole meeting center, all three rooms. This year, barely two rooms were filled. This made me so sad.

IMG_7901Cheese has always been one of my favorite entries to see. I think it comes down to the cheese Grandma used to bring home at the end of the season. My favorite was the less than authentic peppercorn filled cheese. To this day, one of my comfort foods is simply pasta with a good hard cheese grated on.


This is one of the children’s entries. I thought this young person’s work really was nice. It happens to remind me of my Grandma Worden, who used to do this kind of needlework.

IMG_7920Each of the hooked rugs entered this year were beautifully done. There was just something about this one though. I think Grandma would have loved it. It is playful, pleasing and just the right balance of colors. Love it.

IMG_7914 IMG_7913

There were a pair of pockets that made me really glad I did not enter a pocket this year. (I had been thinking about doing a doll’s pocket.) One was a lovely patchwork. The other a stunning embroidery. Both in beautiful shades of blue that I am rather partial to.

IMG_7907IMG_7910All of the needlework embroidery entries were amazing, stunning and so very well done. I have long thought this section needs to be reworked to reflect the needlework styles of the nineteenth century. IMG_7912This set of entries exemplifies why. Each one is an excellent example of a different type of needlework. IMG_7909Anneliese made the beautiful flame stitch pincushion, Allison worked the white work handkerchief and the punch work is by Judy (who I think I remember.) At least two other entries in other categories could easily also be considered for their needlework, the pocket above and the cap below.


This cap, wow. I don’t know what to say beside ‘wow’. This is also made by Anneliese. I hope you can see all the detail including those worked dots. (I’m sure they have a name. Fingers cross she’ll comment below about them.)


This best example of wooden ware made me “oooo” so loud I had  a response back from the other room. I can not imagine the amount of carving that went into these. I’m hoping we will get to see what they produce in the future.

IMG_7926This quilt was quite pleasing. The colors work so well together. I have this style applique on my ‘wish to do sometime’ list. I hope I can pull one off this nice.

Lastly, we have my mobile favorite. I got myself some goat lovin’. This goat was such a sweetie. While I was petting this one, a smaller one was nibbling on my wool coat and dress just below. No marks, best I can tell. Eventually, one of the bigger goats started knocking the one I was petting out of the way. When it got aggressive, It was time to go. The little one bleated away at me through the gate while the one I was petting just starred. 😦

IMG_7968 IMG_7967 IMG_7966

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  1. First, thank you for sharing all of these fantastic Ag. Fair entries! I really enjoyed looking through your last four posts! Congratulations on all of your & your mom’s ribbons!! You both sure deserved them, what fun 🙂

    And as for my cap, (wow, my entries made it into Anna’s Favorites – I can now die happy!), both the body and caul were cut from a length of vintage dotted swiss lawn. I believe the dots or little tufts were woven into the fabric. I’ve seen similar fabrics labeled as having “flocked,” “clipped” or “tufted” dots. Hmm…

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