Fair on the Brain

This is the time of year that I have Ag. Fair on the brain. The Genesee Country Village & Museum’s Agricultural Society Fair is coming up in a few days.

wpid-2015-09-21-09.23.14-1.jpg.jpegI find the premium lists and premium books to be quite fun to look at. These lists of entry catagories tell us the type of things people grew in an area and what they made on the domestic and manufacturing levels. They give us an idea of what they prized. Some even tell us what they collected.

wpid-2015-09-21-10.28.57-1.jpg.jpegOne of the most interesting entry categories I’ve seen comes from the 1873, Deseret Agricultural & Manufacturing Society Premium book for Salt Lake City. This List of Premiums includes: “Best collection of gold fish, in an aquarium”, Okay, the entire section on paints and oils from that premium book, I find interesting.wpid-2015-09-21-10.28.47-1.jpg.jpeg Btw, in 1839, a set of artificial teeth were entered in the Second Annual Fair of the Ohio Mechanics’ Institute.

from the 1866 California State Fair’s Premium book:

wpid-2015-09-21-14.06.37-1.jpg.jpeg wpid-2015-09-21-14.06.12-1.jpg.jpeg

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