Dry Goods – From the Shopper’s Perspective

I am hesitant to recommend this book because it is 1872 and I don’t want those interpreting the 1850s or 1860s to rely on it too heavily. At the same time, I would be remiss if I did not share the book because it is so useful.

This book gives an view of dry goods for the consumer as it was written for that audience. In addition to the over view of fibers and colors, it breaks down the materials and goods available in sections divided for dress goods, household goods and misc.. It ends with a listing of where many of the goods are manufactured.

I find it to be a nice introduction, if advanced in years for some, and general overview of what was available in the United States for dry goods.

Scissors and Yardstick; or, All About Dry Goods, by C.M. Brown and C.L. Gates (Hartford, Conn. 1872)

There is an earlier publication in a similar format covering dress goods and related items. This in a British publication rather than an American one. So, some of the items may be different. This book’s Haberdashery section will be of interest to those who sew or wish to know some of the details of what goes into their garments.

A Treatise on Haberdashery & Hosiery by E.E. Perkins (London: 1845.)

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