Interested in a Sew Along?

I am pondering doing a sew along this winter. It would be some time after Christmas as it is cold and we try to ward off cabin fever.

The project I am thinking about doing is a work bag. See examples in this Pin Board. This would be a Fanciful Utility based project. So, it would be helpful to have FanU on hand during the process.

The format I have in mind would include an introduction to the project with a shopping list followed by step-by step posts with directions and photos. I am estimating you will need at least 2 weeks between the shopping list post and the start of the project.

I need your thoughts to work out some of the details.

  • What level of interest would I have?
  • How often would you want the step-by-step posts? Once a week? Twice a week?
  • The type of work bag I have in mind has originals in solid silks and wildly printed cottons. The details of construction are a little different. Which would you rather do, silk or cotton? (If there is enough interest, I would consider doing one set of directions for cotton and one set for silk.)
  • Would you want a share along Facebook group or would that exclude someone? (I would keep it locked.)
  • What other thoughts do you have?
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  1. I’d be interested and if it wasn’t too difficult, I’d try to join along too, but I don’t typically sew other than very utilitarian things that no one sees. I’d love to try, at any case, and I’d pick cotton, as I’ve never sewn with silk and am likely to mess it up anyway.


  2. I’ll make the directions as easy as possible. This would be a good stitch practicing project. Off the top of my head, it would include a running, whip, gauging and hem stitch. So, basically the same stitches that go into a petticoat.

  3. I LOVE the idea of a step by a step sew along! I’m a beginner (have made some shirts) so it sounds like it would be very helpful to someone at my level.

  4. I think I might like to join, though I may not have time to work faster than receiving new instructions once a week. Maybe I could and for sure I’d want to, but it depends on other home and work demands. Cotton probably for me, though I did come by some “fat quarters-ish” pieces of silk recently that might be big enough.

  5. I would be interested!

  6. I think it would be fun! I’m in – I mostly sew on weekends so once a week would be best for me. I would be interested in either cotton or silk, go with the majority there. Thanks for a great diversion from the “winter blahs”.

  7. I would love to do this project, wow, thanks for offering this! Either silk or cotton, or both!

  8. Sounds like fun! Cotton for me as well. Of course, it would depend on when you’re planning to do this. Life is really crammed until the end of the year!

  9. I am thinking after Christmas when it is cold and snowy.

  10. Sounds like fun to me. Definitely cotton….. I do very little with silks.

  11. Perfect!!!

  12. Yes, I’d love to participate.Once a week would be best. As a sewing novice, a simple but useful project to start like a work bag would be helpful to improve my (non-existent) skills and it would be funt to onterect with other learners.

  13. The wild cotton one from Winterthur really tickles my fancy! I’d be interested. Probably no more frequent than weekly. Most of my sewing is on the weekends. Facebook group could be fun as well.

  14. It sounds like a great idea! I’m definitely interested. I could go either way on the silk or cotton. Instructions once a week would work well, I think.

  15. What about cost”

  16. Love the plan, I like once a week, easier to remember. Facebook works for me.

  17. You will need to buy your own materials. Since we’ll be using techniques from Fanciful Utility, you will want to have a copy.

  18. I would be interested. Cotton and face book would work for me.

  19. I would love to join in!! Either cotton or silk is fine with me. Once a week is best for me. I like the idea of a Facebook group for conversation and for sharing photos.

  20. I’m in! Since I don’t get on the computer during my work week, once a week would be best for me also and definitely cotton to start with and then maybe we could progress on to the silk. I have never done silk either.

  21. Definitely interested! Cotton for me as I have lots of leftover pieces and scraps, probably enough for a dozen work bags! (I do plan to use some for other FanU projects). Once a week is fine! Also I refuse to join Facebook for security reasons (and I have lots of company!), so this site or a separate blog would be better. Thank you!

  22. Yes, cotton, once a week and on this site.

  23. Hi Judy,
    These Sew Alongs were last year. I do know a few people are interested in continuing them. I don’t know that I will though, because I ended up neglecting them last spring.

  24. Anna, I ‘m sorry I didn’t pay attention that this was last year. If you do decide to do another sew along, I will be right there with you. Thank you for all the beautiful things you make and share with us. Judy

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