A Little Bit Short

For a few days now, the on going theme seems to be “A Little Bit Short”. I was one small piece short on a project. I was an inch short on batting. I was a teeny bit short in backing. I was just a tad shy of enough fabric for another project. At which point, I had to laugh. Then I nearly lost my mind when I was just two inches short of straw. Even Monday morning I found I was a little short on gas. (really, who wants to stop for gas on a Monday morning when you aren’t quite awake???)

The upside of being a tad short is it makes me think about when folks in the nineteenth century were a tad short. We all know it a happened. Lucky for us, there are still some examples that show us what they did when they were a little bit short.

I have two winter bonnets that show creative make-do. One uses the salvages. Both are beautifully pieced together. In each case, the piecing is in the lower back corners of the crown. This is the area between your ear and the nape of your neck. In many ways this makes sense because it is one of the areas with less wear daily.

{oops, I really meant to get some photos and examples for this post. But, I just hit the ‘publish’ button.}

Now, as far as my projects go when I found I was a little bit short…. I did a little make-do on one, I went and bought new for two and I switched fabric plans for another. The straw? Well, there are certain parts of millinery pieces that make me crazy to have a change in the plait. I’ll deal. But, it will drive me crazy.

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  1. pictures would have been fun to see.

  2. I’ll get some and redo this post. Sorry about that.

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