“What’s in Your Work Pocket?” – FanU for the Modern World – Part 2

On Tuesday, I shared my pocket of pockets for my desk at work. Be sure to catch that post.

One of the easiest projects in Fanciful Utility is the basic folded or rolled work pocket. As a sewing accessory, it is an easy one to make and carry around.

IMG_7800In the modern world, single pocket work pockets can be a very personalized option for holding so many other things.  They can also be made up in a great many fabrics for modern use. Because of how these fold up, they can be lots of fun with various prints. My examples use some of the silks I had laying around including a boldly embroidered piece and a large scale print. The larger motifs were a lot of fun to play with.

Here are just a few of the uses I have found.


Since I finally have business cards that I am happy with, I needed a simple case to carry them in. Fanciful Utility’s basic folded/rolled work pocket was the perfect option. I just needed to increase the finished width to 4 3/4″ to hold several cards after the binding is put on. I find silk is particularly nice for this because the cards can slide in and out easily.

IMG_7794These work pockets are 4″ wide, also made in silks. Here the one on the left holds a little cash, while the one on the right holds a credit card, or actually a GCV membership card.

IMG_7798Those of us who get teary at weddings or funerals, may like one that holds a few tissues. How nice to have a pretty pocket discreetly sitting on your lap rather than have to dig through your purse? Or, if you happen to have two, how nice to pass this down the aisle rather than a handful of tissue?

I can tell you this pocket nicely holds a migraine medication in a foil packet. It would also hold a blister packet of allergy medicine too. I also see a pocket holding sanitary products, keeping them from getting lost in your purse or bag, and easily being popped into your pocket or carried to the ladies’ room with none the wiser.

I suspect many of you may be working on your Christmas gift list. I would be delighted if you made a few Fanciful Utility goodies with a modern twist for those on your list. I would love to see some made up in festive holiday fabrics.

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