Fanciful Utility Anniversary – Q&A

Today, I am offering a Fanciful Utility Question and Answer session. You are welcome to ask your own questions in the comments section.

Where do I buy Fanciful Utility?

Fanciful Utility is available through the publisher, ESC Publishing at

You can also purchase Fanciful Utility in person at the Genesee Country Village and Museum ( We are considering additional select venues.

I Love Fanciful Utility! Do you have more projects I can make?

For all of you who have fallen in love with Fanciful Utility and the many projects inside, we offer FanU exclusive templates here on my blog and on ESC Publishing. I also offer FanU Workshop Exclusive projects. The templates we have shared over the last three years include:

A boot Boot Template

A button keep, aka “balloon bag”  Keep Ornament

An additional Sea Shell shell temp

A Tri-lobed Needle-book Tri-Lobed Needlebook Lizs template thumbnail

Two Christmas Ornaments 2014 12014 2

Do you do any Fanciful Utility Workshops?

IMG_7637Sewing Boxes 2Yes. I offer exclusive workshop projects that build on the Fanciful Utility projects. Current workshop options include a work pocket filled with pockets, that I call a “Pockets of Pockets”, the favorite French Sewing Boxes and a pin cushion sampler.

Can I sell things I make from Fanciful Utility?

The licensing rights related to Fanciful Utility do grant permission to make a limited number of items to sell as fundraisers for historic preservation or historic education. Otherwise, please give the projects you make from Fanciful Utility as gifts–you’ll delight the recipient!

Where do I look for inspiration for additional historic styles?

There are oodles of sewing cases in the online collections of historic sites and museums. I have pinned a great many of them on my Pinterest board “Fanciful Utility: Original Cases“. Take a look at those for one source of inspiration.

I also recommend visiting your local historical society and historic sites. They tend to have several sewing cases tucked away. They love to show off and share their collections.

Can I do a totally modern case with these techniques?

Of course! Combine the historic techniques with some of the great modern fabrics, “fussy-cutting”, and other textile art processes, and you can make some amazing, thoroughly modern accessories with very historic roots.

How much fabric do I need to make a sewing case?

One of the great things about Fanciful Utility sewing cases is that they use small pieces of fabric. You can easily tap into your scrap stash or stop in at your favorite fabric shop. At a shop, look for their fat quarters or, better yet, a remnant bin. When I buy fat quarters or larger remnants, there is more than enough to make a sewing box and have enough left to share.

The largest pieces you will need will be for the exterior of a case or for the box of a case if you want it to be all one piece. 5″x 12″ is plenty for either. Pieces as small as 2″x2″ can easily be used.

Looking for your own copy of Fanciful Utility? 

Click HERE to go ESC Publishing.

Remember to check out the special Anniversary kits on Etsy

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