Perfectly Pink Straw Hat with Calla Lilies

Remember this favorite hat?
Sadly, it didn’t fit the person who fell in love with it.
Luckily, this means a second chance for others who loved it.

If I Had My Own Blue Box:

IMG_7182I’ve had a pink and green hat stuck in my head for weeks. I kept putting it off because I thought I was nuts to want to line the underside of the brim with a multi-color silk. Well, I couldn’t shake it. So, here it is.

It is a little sweet, a little spring and a whole lot of pretty.

IMG_7199The pink and green silk taffeta wraps around the brim edge and lines the underside. To be happy, I had to get the stripes as lined up as possible.

There are two pink silk ribbons. The soft, true pink  the crown with a triple bow in back. A second petal pink ribbon is underneith to help tie the hat behind your hair. IMG_7198

A trio of white velvet calla lilies are the it piece. The velvet has just a touch of pink and the centers are beaded. I set the in a…

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  1. It’s just lovely. When it comes to hats if I get and idea I have to create it. I have found pieces of silk at flea markets and sales just knowing they would make the cutest hat. I no longer think I am nuts, just ask my hat loving friends.

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