State of the Summer Update:

~ I am roughly 3/7ths of the way to my summer financial goal. I have a colorful teapot helping me with keeping track of this. Thank you all for your support and requests.
~ I have a trio of pieces waiting for their trims to arrive.
~ I have a handful of requests on the board which I think will take me through July. Two are new to me.
~ I will start to taking August requests. I will also start taking winter millinery requests soon. (I know it is hard to think of the cold. But, with some big Christmas & winter events coming, requesting early is a good idea.)
~ I have greatly lapsed in writing. Blog posts have been mostly photos with little text. My goal of posting a crunchy article each week has flopped. I apologize for that.
~ Likewise, I have not written a single bit for the new patterns. I do hope to get you at least one of those this fall.
~ I do still plan to hold the FanU related event this summer. More on that soon.

~~~ Thank you all for you support and encouragement. I do enjoy making each of your bonnets and hats. It is just a little scary relying on handwork for income even for a few months. I do love hearing your stories when your millinery arrives and wen you get to wear it.

(Here is to hoping there aren’t too many phone typos.)

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  1. Hugs, Anna! You do great! Don’t try to do everything at once!

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