Millinery Decoration – “You pick it, I stick it”

I keep coming back to calling this the “You pick it, I stick it” option. Yes, corny. But, can you name the movie? IMG_4529

I don’t keep a large supply of flowers, feathers and ribbons as many milliners do. My focus really is the straw. In the past, I have shopped with clients to pick out the trims for their bonnets or hats.

I have also had clients send me trims they love to decorated with. I particularly enjoy this process. A box arrives with an assortment of trims I know the client already likes, or loves. Then I get to have the fun of arranging. When I am finished, the completed piece and extra trims all go back to the client.

wpid-2014-09-24-21.13.49-1.jpg.jpegI have decided to open up this option to new clients who purchase one of my straw bonnets or hats. Clients can pre-arrange with the purchase to send me their trims. I will finish and decorate the bonnet or hat for them. The final trimming cost will be based on the amount of time it take to finish the piece and any materials I will be supplying. Generally, this will start at $50 for bonnets. I will only take one or two of these per month.


  • The ribbon for the fashion ties and bavolet should be a Minimum of 3 yards of 3.5″-4″ wide. – Quality silk or rayon, not brittle. This is for the decorative ties and the bavolet.
  • An assortment of millinery flowers  – These should be wired and without any plastic materials. A variety of sizes under 3″ is easiest to work with.
  • Additional ribbons in a variety of widths can be layered with the primary ribbon, mixed with the flowers or used for bows.
  • Flowers and feathers should be color fast.

wpid-2014-09-28-17.30.19.jpg.jpegI can supply:

  • Cotton lining for bonnets or hats as needed
  • Net to line the bavolet
  • Frill in organza or net for bonnets
  • Functional ties for bonnets
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  1. Where do we find ribbon that wide? I haven’t found any more than 2@ to 2.5″

  2. I find a lot of vintage ribbon on Etsy. This is the ribbon you need to be careful about because it can be fragile and/or brittle. For modern ribbon, I like working with Carole from The Ribbon Store in LasVegas. She primaril sells from Ebay. She has a nice German Moire that comes in 3″ and 4″ widths along with some quality poly-satins. I also like some of Herman Henzinger’s ribbons out of NYC. (I’ve just mutilated that name this morning.)

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