What Does a Milliner Do…. part 2

This weekend 1Another nudge towards working with my tall hat was this illustration. I just love this. How I would love to have a yard of delicate silk gauze and narrow silk ribbon to play with this look. If only….. time allowed

Alas… with what time and the stash allows…
I reshaped the brim as best I could. I constructed it so the turn up part was a tad wider than the rest. It isn’t really noticeable once it is on.

I used this lush midnight blue satin ribbon in the ribbon stash. While playing with the ribbon, which has a very full body, the loopy arrangement fell into place. The rest I kept simple.

wpid-2015-06-11-17.14.12-1.jpg.jpegI’m happy with the quick arrangement. I’ll tie the bow smaller. I would like to add a fluffy while feather plumb wrapping in front of the loops. I picture one that sits only half way up the loop, not too big.wpid-2015-06-11-17.13.49.jpg.jpeg
It should be comfortable to sew in. I can barely tell the hat itself is there. It is the ribbon I feel. It is odd for me to feel the decorative ribbon instead of a narrower functional tie. (This is something I must investigate further for this era.)
(It appears I need to rotate a photo. Sorry.)

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  1. pretty! You do such wonderful things with your ‘stash’!

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