A Little Hat

wpid-2015-05-26-10.58.50-1.jpg.jpegLast week, I decided I wanted to try some new to me hat styles. One of the shapes I found interesting was the higher small crown with little to no brim. By the book, hats with little to no brim are toques. Those with small upcurving brims and recessed crowns are pork pies. These seem to land closer the the definition of a toque.

IMG_6593My hat became a little higher in the crown as I got swept away in the sewing. It resembles this hat more, with the velvet bound turned up brim. I envision this hat being finished with the brim either bound with velvet or the underside lined in velvet.But, it could be finished in many different ways….

UntitledI think it is a rather nifty hat worn tilted forward at an angle. I may work well for my Steampunk or cosplay clients to play with.

This little hat will need a set of ties, loops or elastic to help keep it perched in place. Inside the crown it is 18″ in circumference, 5″ wide and 6.5″ front to back. It does perch forward on my 22.25″ head.

IMG_6599 - Copy (2)IMG_6599 - CopyIMG_6600 - CopyIMG_6603IMG_6589

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