A New Style Hat

wpid-2015-05-26-10.58.40-1.jpg.jpegFor lack of a true name, I am going to call these “flatties.” Cheesy, huh? The nickname sorta reflects my initial skeptical thoughts about these hats. Don’t worry, as soon as I figure out what the original cast called them, I’ll use that.

These hats have a very low, rounded crown that subtly transitions into a convex brim. They appear almost flat compared to other hats of the 19th century. The montage to the right shows some examples. The lower right one appears to have a brim that falls evenly all around. The one above it, with the green ribbon, seems to be the flattest of the bunch with a brim curve dropping front and back. The same drop appears in the upper left hat. The one with the daisies has a neatly upturned brim, letting us see the brim lining. Top left. (one more)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’ll have the Etsy listing as soon as I get home tonight. (My phone is being cranky. I don’t know if it is the reception in the car or the site.)

One oops. I made my version without the images next to me. I usually have working images on my phone. But, my phone died. I made the hat with the oval tip center like the other fashion hats of the mid-century, rather than the small circular center each of these has. Errr.

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