Reading Homework – Perfection and Myth

Some weeks back a blog article found its way on to my feed from a blog I was unfamiliar with. “Social Media and the Myth of Perfection” is not the common “look at this pretty” blog post. Instead, it takes an honest look at all the realities of life behind the costuming and writing.

My blog is by far not the prettiest, filled with fabulous photos and shiney awesomeness. Yet, I do have a bit of a regular readership. (a huge thank you to all of you.) Despite being an infamous Facebook whiner, I don’t always share the raw details in my blog posts. This week, this could include how I’ve had to glue parts of my fingers together because of the straw cuts or the avalanche that took place in the sewing room while trying to balance the phone on my shoulder and numerous garments in my hands. I’m not going to share photos of just befores, just afters or whiles, because I simply can’t even match the events up in my head anymore. In the time I’ve written this blog I have lost my father and grandparents, been homeless, dealt with family and personal medical problems and had heart-aches I’m just not ready to share.

I think these follow-up posts are also worth the read:

Is This The Real Life? Is This Just Fantasy?” – The Myth of Perfection by American Duchess

The Myth of Perfection by A Damsel in This Dress

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