One Hat inspiring future hats…..

IMG_6322I made this taller crown, narrow brim straw hat with the 1880s in mind. More specifically, these hats:

With the attention I’ve been paying to the Regency era for my 1820 dress, I started noticing something….

This… and, this….(Right) and, this…. (Lower left) (Rudolph Ackermann Fashion Plate November 1, 1823)

Which had me asking myself “why didn’t I make a Regency hat?”! Check out the height! Check out that whee curve! Check out those brims!

I am going to have to make an uber tall Regency hat….

This, nearly brimless style is something I find very nifty indeed….1810, from the MET  (non-straw version, similar with a brim that is down turned.)

Then, there is this with the wider, forward shifted brim that is bent down with the ribbonmelding of the hat into a bonnet…

Okay, there are like a bazillion others but they all seem to be from Scene it in the Past.  And, I don’t want to impose on her images. So, go over there and drool away as you scroll through her Flicker slides.

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