Exploring a New Year – aka – Pondering 1820

As I have been working on my new (first new in a year) dress in a new to me year, I have oodles of ponderings, thoughts and questions. Because I find this to be lots of fun, I will share some of what has been rolling around in my head. I may add what I find as well. (The post on the dress will be finished as the dress is finished. Maybe Friday.)

Personal Linens – What did they use, when and why?

Sunbonnets? Did they?

Parasol different kind. 🙂  a sun protection must.

What are the dos and don’ts of the kerchiefs?

Those hems, I simply must feel some of those unique hems. Quilted liningPuffs, bias and piping…. Padded hemPadded lining covered with a frill

Oh, oo, do I get to carry a purse/reticule? I’ve become so accustom to my pocket. This will be weird. (pocket slit)

Break out the other shawls. 🙂

Must find the perfect cap to make. eh??

What are my new, yet practical financially, shoe options? For mid-century, I’ve been boots & slippers. Shoes, oh, shoes….

Sashes? Belts? Self-fabric belt

~~Unique stuff stumbled upon – How cool is this quilted hat?!? — I had no idea this “Orange Peel/Pin Cushion” quilt was this early of a design. I loved one Grandma made.)

Resources to explore:

  • Costume in Detail from the shelf (Ginger recommended)
  • Athenaeum – Paintings ca. 1818-1823ish
  • Must spend more time with another part of the Greene Collection
  • MFA, OSV, V&AM

Sites that focus on 1820:

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