This Week’s Bonnet – 1841 Inspiration

IMG_6392bHere is the bonnet I’ve been working on this week. It started with a page of 1841 bonnet illustrations (see Getting Pokey.) It is made with the coarse straw plait. I need to do this shape again in the Milan plait. My favorite angle is to the right. I really like the curves and lines straw can make.

This bonnet is currently available at my Etsy Store.


Here is the inspiration image I was playing off of. It is dated 1841:

This 1840s bonnet shows a similar angle from crown to brim:

This one has a subtle change from crown to brim:

This bonnet has a brim rise that arcs further forward. I find this a pleasing look that may need to be added to the list:

Compared to this earlier 1820’s style, we can see the difference in the angle of the crown and tip which reaches more vertically on the diagonal. (although, this one does seem to be photographed at an odd angle.)

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