(I had been planning to do a post on veils. But, life has been crazy, photos have not been taken, and the discussion has come up in a FB group. I’ll do an actual real post at some point.)
Here is one of my original veils.
This is the gauze one Bevin made me. I need to double check, but I think it is the same dimensions or a little wider. I know my black gauze is about 36″ wide by 20″ long. These are a must for me to function at many events.
wpid-img_38321-1.jpgA random interesting quote:

The principal feature in the new bonnets [Empire?] is the veil, which has now become the all-important item for bonnets and hats. It is unhemmed black or white illusion spangles with gold, figured net, crepe lisse, or else the regular made veil. It is either caught on the side of the bonnet by a fancy ornament, or is fastened just over the crown. The length varies from three-quarters of a yard to one yard. (Godey’s Lady’s Book, January 1866)

My pinboard for veils.

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