A Bonnet Cover

This came up in a discussion last week. I could remember reading about the bonnet cover. I forgot that I wrote about it. (No, I didn’t get around to make one.)

If I Had My Own Blue Box:

Ooops. This wasn’t supposed to post until this weekend. But given the weather I am about to venture out into, I’ll leave it.

From Eliza Leslie’s House Book, (Philadelphia, 1844)

A BONNET-COVER – When travelling in dry weather on a road that is likely to be dusty, you may effectually protect your bonnet from injury, by taking with you a cover for it. To make this cover, get a yard of white glazed cambric muslin, and cut it into the form of a large straight hood; gathering it close at the back of the head upon a small circular piece about the size of a half-dollar. Slope it away at the sides of the neck, and put a case with a drawing-string of fine tape along the edges of the front: the string to tie at the side.

If you commence your journey by water, you can roll up this…

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