Fanciful Utility Blue Swap

wpid-2015-04-09-16.37.19-1.jpg.jpegHere are our fabrics from our Fanciful Utility Blue Swap.

I suspect the post ate one of the fabrics. I keep counting 13 rather than 14. If someone wants to share a photo of the one I am missing, please do.

These blues show just how many blues there are. Now that I have the photo of them together, the tone on the top half remind me the quilt Grandma gave me. It is something about the feel of the blues.

Decisions, Decisions….

The Blue Swap was our 15th swap. We’ve swapped red, green and blue fabrics, silks and cottons, mini-prints, stripes, themes of leaves and paisley, fabrics for the Romantic era, even a special holiday swap. With an average of two groups of eight fabrics being swapped, we have swapped around 240 fabrics. That is pretty impressive.

I’m sure you are thinking “what is she getting at?”

The bad news is, I’ve decided I need to take a little swapping break.

The good news is, I am going to spend more time on developing new Fanciful Utility project templates and patterns as well as some additional workshops. Those further away, don’t worry I’ll have some goodies for you too. As I get details together for the workshops (locations, dates and costs) I will share them.

I will probably start missing the swaps over the summer. So, they are not gone forever.

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  1. I think you deserve a break! And I will look forward to new projects and patterns. (I won’t mind a break either, the last two caught me by surprise and I was scrambling to get them out between packing and events!) Thank you for handling the swaps, I do enjoy getting them in the mail!

  2. I think I missed getting one!

  3. I’m anxious to see the new templates and such, but understand about a break from the swaps. I’m missing one too.

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