Spring Break Bonnets

I’ve been busy sewing away this “spring break”. (Spring break in quotes because it does not seem spring like out side and does not seem break like inside.)

The first of the week found a new home over the weekend. It is a soft blonde straw made up with a low brim and gently rising crown.??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

??????????????????????????????? This natural straw plait form wraps up the 1850s with a round brim and cheektabs that curve backward. The crown rises gently from a flat tip. Available on Etsy:??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????
This one isn’t quite dry yet. It is right on that turn into 1860 with a low, round brim and cheektabs that curve in rather than back. Available on Etsy:



Lastly, well lastly for now, is this later Victorian shape that has been stuck in my head for several nights. Available on Etsy:



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  1. You do wonderful work. The hats are amazing.

  2. I love reading your blog! You have so much useful historical information and I am impressed you can remember it all. I admire your patience in making the straw bonnets. My arthritis wouldn’t allow me to get very far very fast. I did want to mention the link for the Civil War Digest comes up with a page in Japanese/Chinese writing. Did it cease to exist?

  3. Thank you for the note on the link. I’ll take it down.

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