Rural Papers

snip 1snip 1aI rather enjoy reading rural papers. When reading those from my area of New York, I feel more of a connection to what I am reading. I can only imagine others feel a similar connection to those papers from their area as well. Many, though not all, have a domestic section and/or a ladies’ department or section. These are packed full of useful tidbits, from local residents’ thoughts on clothing, to household tips, to receipts. While some parts are taken from other publications, much of the contents are local and current. The example to the right is that of a comet’s expected passing and the concerns over what it will bring. I love this sort of context and perspective.

Here is a short list of those I am aware of currently.

Moore’s Rural New Yorker – Out of Rochester, NY. Links to 1861-1865 – Also, 1859  and 1854.

The Rural Repository – 1830 publication out of Hudson, NY

The Genesee Farmer – approx 1837-1863

Pennsylvania Farm Journal – 1851-2, 1854

These are different, being annual publications, but very interesting, okay fascinating in some areas: The Illustrated Annual Register of Rural Affairs.

Please, add your local publications in the comments below. I know there are many others, ie the Massachusetts Ploughman…

Btw, Other additions to the reading list:

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