“Home”Excerpt from The Young Lady by Anna Fergurson

If I Had My Own Blue Box:

Let what will be said of the pleasures of society, there is after all, “no place like home.” How beautiful are the relationships of home! How exquisitely touching to feelings! All are linked to each other by the most intimate and endearing ties; – a power like that of electricity; so that one cannot enjoy pleasure, without the  others participating therein; one cannot sorrow, but all must mourn; nor one be honored, but all must share the joy.

And as home is that place which has the strongest ties upon the feelings, so it is the place in which woman has the power of exerting her influence in the greatest degree. This is her true and proper station; the duties of home are peculiarly hers; and let it not be thought that, in assigning home as the appropriate sphere for her action, we are assigning her a mean and…

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