The Red Swap

I originally thought red was a good swap for February because of Valentines Day. As it turned out, with our cross country freeze, receiving the warmth of red in the mailbox was much needed.
Our red swap certainly shows the variety of reds we have to choose from.


We received a fun assortment of motifs from tiny to Lincoln. What perfect timing for Lincoln. There are a couple stripe motifs that just scream “I want to be a sewing case!” There are a couple I would like a dress length of, for me or for Mae.
I had wanted to share a couple Turkey Reds since I love the depth of their color so much. It seems they have fallen out of favor locally.
Next, we have our blue swap. Hopefully, by then we will all have the promise of blue spring skies overhead.

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  1. Anna- did you get yours mailed? I haven’t received it yet. I’m missing one other one too…

  2. Anna- did you mail yours? I haven’t received it yet. I’m missing one other too… Weather issues still?

  3. I did. They went out on Wednesday. There are two fabrics in mine. I just received the last one yesterday. I think she said it went out on Monday. So, nearly a week there.

  4. Was that from Kay? Her’s is the other one I’m missing.

  5. It is Kay’s. Her’s went out before mine.

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