“The Shopping Itch” carry along

Some years ago, I wrote a quick piece called “The Shopping Itch” as a guide for newer reenactors and interpreters who enjoy shopping at events. Here is a nifty carry along version:

Shopping Itch Mini Booklet Thumbnail image

Click Here for PDF

Follow these directions to create a small booklet:

  • Fold in half the short way, putting the dashed line on one side.
  • Cut along the dash line being sure to stop at the end.
  • Unfold and lay face down.
  • Fold in half the long way.
  • Fold the right hand side in along the dotted gray line. Then fold backwards.
  • Fold the left hand side in along the dotted grey line. Then fold backwards.
  • Turn the booklet up on end. Pull the sides along the cut out wards to form a star.
  • Fold into a booklet with the front on the outside.


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