Ribbon Hairnets

New Thumbnails hairnetsThere has been lots of discussion lately about how to make ribbon hairnets. Here is a set of directions I posted on the Sewing Academy back in 2007.

Please be sure to take the time to read To Net or Not to Net and to look at original hairnets before proceeding. This will give you a better idea of appropriate materials, fibers, widths and weight.

Okay, a quick 7 am modern method of making an easy ribbon net….. Let’s see if I can make any sense this morning.

This is for a simple, basic ribbon net with no decorations, made with silk or velvet ribbon cut while woven. There is a way to do it with one long piece of ribbon. I don’t think I am awake enough to describe that clearly. It really is better with pictures.

You are going to want a surface to work on, either something to pin the ribbons to or to hold the ribbon ends. For the first ribbon net I made, I used a large 12 or 14 inch embroidery hoop. A large pillow will work nicely as will a piece of cardboard. Draw a circle 12 to 14 inches in diameter depending on the size of your head and the amount of hair you have when done up. Use a compass or a dinner plate. Now decide how close you want your ribbons to sit. If you have 1/2″ wide ribbon, 1/4″ space is good. If you have 3/4″ ribbon 1/4″ to 1/2″ is good.

Cut two ribbons 2 inches longer than you circle is wide (14″ or 16″). Center them in a + on your circle. Pin each end at the edge of the circle. This marks the center of your net. If you need to mark out a grid for your ribbon placement, just measure your spaces and ribbon width away from center on all 4 sides. Or, you can just eye it. Measure 4 lengths of ribbon for above, below, right and left of the center +. Cut them and lay them down in place, the decided distance from the previous ribbons. Repeat in sets of 4 until you reach the edge of the circle.

Weave the ribbons over & under each other as you would a basket bottom. I like to work from the center out. Adjust your ribbons so they are set your chosen distance apart. Pin each end on the circle. With a matching thread, tack each + point with thread. When all the + points are stitched, work on the edges. Unpin one ribbon end. Turn the end under creating a half inch loop. Stitch the loop securely. Repeat this for every ribbon end.

When all the ends are looped, take a length of ribbon or plain elastic and run it through all of the loops. The elastic will need to be roughly 3 times the diameter (less than the real circle’s circumference) to bring the sides of the net in once the elastic is tied. The ribbon can be 3 to 4 times the width depending on how much ribbon you want to tie the net with.

Chandra M shared photos in the SA thread of her hairnet using these directions with brown velvet. Take a look.

A couple years later, but not much more awake (it has been a long, cold week), I have this idea in my head that one of those round knitting thingies may work nicely as well. It may even make the single strand of ribbon version easily doable. You could weave the ribbon across one direction, then back across weaving, using the little tabs. Sew. Then slide the ends off.

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