Announcing the 12 Days Of “Christmas” Give-Away

December 1
In past years, I’ve enjoyed offering 12 Gifts for Christmas with ideas of goodies to make for gifts. This year, I’ve decided to do a 12 Days of Christmas Give-Away.

While the 12 Days of Christmas starts on December 25th, I’m holding my 12 Days of Christmas Give-Away a month early, on November 25th.

Each day, through the 6th of December, I will add an item to a the give away. That evening, the winner will be drawn.

The Give-Away:???????????????????????????????

For the First Day of the the 12 Days of Christmas Give-Away….. A blue paisley sewing box


How to enter:

There are several ways to enter. These include:

1. Share my 12 Days of Christmas Give-Away on your blog, your Facebook or your Twitter account. Be sure to tag me @AnnaWBauersmith and use  #12DaysFanUGiveAway .

2. Buy something from my Etsy Store or buy Fanciful Utility. *You’ll need to tell me if you bought Fanciful Utility. **This Counts as 2 entries.**

3. Share a photo of yourself with something you previously purchase, such as a bonnet, a sewing case, a winter hood or a book. Share your photo in a comment below, on Facebook, or Twitter. Be sure to tag me @AnnaWBauersmith and use  #12DaysFanUGiveAway

4. Add something from my Etsy Store or Fanciful Utility to your Gift list on Etsy Treasuries or Pinterest. Tell me you did so in the comments below with a link.

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  1. What a nice idea…very giving…in the spirit of Christmas. I just shared this link on Facebook. Have a great day! Linda

  2. Done! Not sure I done it right but I shared it on my Facebook account!

  3. I have shared it. I am very glad I purchased your book and am looking forward to some time to make a few items very soon.

  4. what a great idea! I’ve shared on my FB page. Love your book and have made several items using your techniques.

  5. I shared on facebook, but wasn’t able to tag you yourself, only Fanciful Utility? Hope I did it right.

  6. I shared it on my facebook page! I love my Fanciful Utility Book!

  7. My lovely new straw bonnet is waiting for decorations! I will post a picture when I figure out how 😊

  8. Yay! I am so excited for your give-away! Shared on facebook as soon as I saw it! Thanks so much – Anneliese 🙂

  9. My winter 19th century wish list on pinterest has the quilted bonnet featured.

  10. I added a needle book and sewing case to my treasury. Thanks!

  11. Sharing on Facebook and added to my wish list on Etsy!

  12. Pinned something! 🙂

  13. I shared on Facebook. I am not too savvy on the tag thing… I love your work.

  14. Holy Cow! I think I just did it – maybe even right!!! I shared on my Facebook page (as status update, right??). I love everything I’ve gotten from you but right now, my cute little pin ball is the bestest! Not only have I been playing with it on my desk this morning, but it’s seems to be irresistable – everyone that comes in has to pick it up and play with it and ask what it is. Best conversation piece ever!

    Trisha Colvin

  15. I added your Reproduction Silk Victorian Rolled Pockets Sewing Case to my gift list on Etsy – I love your offerings on Etsy!!!

  16. I just love people are picking it up to play with it. They are the coolest things!

  17. Absolutely fabulous!

  18. I posted on my facebook page, added a sewing box to my Etsy wish list and I bought Fanciful Utility a while back. I love that book!

    I was at a Sewing Academy Workshop in Washington and saw some completed items (delightful door prizes that I did not win…) and saw another lady working on some needle cases. Sewing envy. I really love all these ideas.

    New Year’s Resolution: Complete a scissor cover and sewing box (or convince someone to make them for me…!)

  19. I love being on someone’s New Year’s Resolution list!!!

  20. I just got my fanciful utility from Liz clark last week!! yea me!!! Thanks Anna!

  21. I’m in England so postage would be too much but I do love this wee box. So many uses! Added to my gift list on pinterest xx

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