It’s Getting Cold Out There – pt 2

The second hood of the season.

This hood is a black silk with cotton lining and wool batting. It is super soft with this batting. The hand quilting is simple stripes.




The inside:



I did have the idea that I was going to trim this one with a vintage fur. When I got the fur out, I found it was 4″ too short. As you can see from the photo, it is a bit fluffy. Maybe too fluffy. I do have more silk coming. I have to think about the fur.


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  1. What gives the bonnet such “body”? It flares out so nicely like a buckram frame does. Will it droop in a fog? It’s beautiful.

  2. The brim is wired. Many originals have wire through the brim. You can also find cane and straw plait in some hoods. Other hoods also have structure in the crown/tip as well.
    As far as the fog, I have yet to stand out in the fog in a hood. I do know they hold up well to the snow and rain. The time I marched in hail, I was wearing a straw bonnet but would have rather been wearing a hood.

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