A Summer I’m Rather Fond Of

I hope you all don’t mind a more personal post.
With school starting back up next week, my summer season is wrapping up. I can’t help but reflect fondly.
This summer, I……
– got my groove back. I felt wholy me, myself more than I have in a long, long time.
– enjoyed every moment I could with my husband. This was truly a delightful, fun and playful summer for us. (I think this is why I most do not want the summer to end.
– sewed until 1 am, woke in the mornings and napped in the afternoons.
– made 18 bonnets (the goal was 1 a week) that went near and far.
– let a little research project explode into a big huge research project with a life of its own.
– enjoyed sunshine, corn I could eat, neighborhood cats and squirrel friends, train rides, and parks.
– had a blast in a little shop surrounded by color and texture and people.
We didn’t get to do everything we wanted; not everything turned out as we thought. But, it has been such a good summer; such a summer to be fond of.

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  1. So glad your summer was delightful. Will look forward to your new little pretties in your Etsy store. Our summer was busy with seeing our kids, working on house projects, and a few times visiting friends. It was hard to fit in sewing projects, but just think week I pulled out several unfinished projects and am learning to find some time each soy to work on finishing them. Your personal stories encourage me.

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