The List

Usually, many of us reflect on “The List” at the close or start of a new year. I’m a little early in my reflection as my summer is winding down and I’m transitioning into the school year and the fall sewing season. My list is two fold, what didn’t get done this summer and what is on the future list.
What did not get done this summer:
– Writing the new book
– Making the awesome green plaid 20s dress
– Finishing my uber-nifty, secret millinery project
– Making a new cage
– Making coats of the white wool/silk
– Recover parasol (and recover previously recovered)

On the upcoming list:
– All of the above
– Red/brown plaid Regency dress for everyday wear
– Ag Fair project 1
– Ag Fair project 2
– Continue/finish Ag Fair project 3
– Come up with Ag Fair project 4
– FanU cases for a Christmas sale
– Small cute things for Peddler’s market
– New corded sun bonnet for me (items loaned out)
– New apron for me (items loaned out)
– A new coat (it is past time)
– At least one additional dress to make a dent in the stash
– Find & figure out if I can alter my ball gown to fit. If not…???
– Lily’s list – Get her to make her own set of underpinnings
– Modern items – Dan’s chair & kitchen curtains
Non-sewing, regular sewing
– Fix the writing slope
– Fix the hole in the tent
– Measure & make wood for new to us canvas

It seems so much more managable when it is written down.

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  1. Wow! That seems like a rather daunting list to me. I look forward to seeing the results of your completion of projects (and I’m glad it seems less daunting to you when it’s written down).


  2. Looks manageable, until you actually try to get it ALL done! lol πŸ™‚

  3. I like lists πŸ™‚ Even if everything on it does not get done “in time” it serves as reminders of all the projects we want to do, helps prioritize what needs to come first, and most importantly: it unclutters the brain…lol

    For my new studio, I plan to have lots of room for “to do” lists on the walls, probably categorized for “diy projects”, “blog posts” and “wishlist” as those 3 areas seem to be the ones where my head is overflowing…lol

    Gunnvor Karita πŸ™‚

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