Straw with a Most Incredible Ribbon

This straw bonnet with beautiful blue and green ribbons is a special request for a client.

When I opened the box and bag that had this dark blue satin ribbon inside, I swooned the ribbon felt so nice. I knew it just had to have something special done with it.



I highlighted the blue with a beautiful green to make this large ribbon placed asymmetrically on the bonnet’s crown. The bavolet is made of bias cuts of the ribbon. ???????????????????????????????

The interior flowers were also set asymmetrically to emphasize the bow placement. The full organza frill balances the large bow the ribbon makes. ???????????????????????????????

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  1. Love my new bonnet! Anna is best!

  2. I love making it for you! Do get a photo of both of you sometime.

  3. Lovely! That ribbon is scrumptious!

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