Thinking Summer (and Fall)

With yesterday being the last day of classes, I am running summer thoughts around in my head. (I technically have a week and a half of exams yet.)
Before I talk about summer, I do need to skip ahead to fall. I lost my list of who wants to know about reprints. So,I need to recreate this list.  Please, comment below if you want to be email about reprintings of From Field to Fashion or my Quilted Bonnet/Hood Pattern. While we are at it, also let me know if you want to be emailed about new publications. (Yes, there will be new publications.)
Back to summer….
I have a few summer millinery goals for this summer. They are both personal/artistic and financial/budget based. After all, millinery pays the bills for the summer & early fall.
I have some fun ideas in mind that I think you will like.
I also want to know what you are looking for.
What bonnets & hats do you want to see?
What pieces will meet your needs?

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  1. I would like to know about reprints and new publications. 😉

  2. I would like to know about when From Field To Fashion will be available. I am interested in different hats, especially the tall hats. I don’t care for the spoon bonnet very much. Thanks.

  3. I’ll sign on up!

  4. I’ll sign up!

  5. Yes please Anna!
    And thank you for sharing your knowledge with us all.

  6. I am interested in any and all things you like to share with us. Reprints a definite yes!!!

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