1850s French Straw with Clouded Stripe Ribbon

This is the bonnet that made me squeel this morning as the new owner put it on. It fit her so beautifully, I really did squeel.
2014-05-19 17.59.11-1
I enjoyed making this bonnet so much. I love the 1850s to begin with. When I came across this ribbon, it just had to be her’s. While it is grey and white, it is also a bluey-purple. It was wonderful to work with. The bias bavolet plays with the clouded stripes wonderfully.
I am so glad we picked these blue and white flowers because they work beautifully with her complextion. They frame her face just right.
2014-05-19 17.59.39-1
This bonnet is made with the French straw plait I enjoy working with. I opted to line this straw bonnet because I know it will be work frequently. (While most original straws show they were not lined, lining can protect the straw.) The frill is silk organza. She has both silk functional ties and the fabulous ribbons.
2014-05-19 17.59.52-1

2014-05-19 18.00.53-1

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