But Not the Same

I stumbled across these two images in a Google/Yahoo search. The links back to the seller site were unsuccessful; they weren’t there anymore. As thumbnails, I thought “oh, same woman in different poses. Great, two angles at the same bonnet.” Now, I think these are two women dressed in clothes made the same, or they might be wearing the same dress & coat. I don’t think it is the same woman in different years.Perplexing 1 Perplexing 2What I see… The fit in the shoulders is different. Or, is this the position of the arms placing the shoulders forward & back? There are 5 knotwork arrangements on each wide open coat sleeve. The fullness of the undersleeve or dress sleeve is different on each woman. The placement of the knot medallion on the shoulder is nearly in the same place. The rise/drop in the hem of the coat is slightly different. I wish we could see the original images to see the hems of the skirts. The length of the bonnet ribbons are different. The placement of interior bonnet flowers, the side ones either are slightly different or do look that different with the angle change. (This is what I really wanted to see.)

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  1. I’ve heard that clothes could be rented for photos- do you think this is the case?
    Knowing that makes me wonder about the validity of photos. If we could rent Dior gowns for our modern photos, wouldn’t we? (I would!) But it wouldn’t represent what we really wore-?

  2. I don’t really know. That isn’t an area I’ve looked into.

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